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Will To Power Tribute on Miami One

Will To Power Tribute on Miami One

30 years ago in June 1987, Bob Rosenberg released “Dreamin” by Will to Power on Thrust Records. It was the #1 song of the year and still holds the record for most weeks on the Top 5 (37 weeks). One of his hits was ” Say it’s Gonna Rain” Bob remembers it’s creation
Bob Rosenberg :” I got the idea for it the after doing the “Tanner in the Morning” jingle at Power 96. The jingle kept playing in my head until it turned into a whistle This original mix of this track began and ended with the sound of rain. We tried to do that on Say it’s Gonna Rain. An old school engineer names Jerry Solomon helped us make an old fashion “loop” like 10 CC used in “I’m not in Love”.
We recorded the intro of a song that had rain sounds over and over. We joined the tape pieces into a gigantic loop which we had looped around mic stands. It took a lot of trial and error but we finally got the right amount of tension to loop the tape through the 2 track machine. We recorded it and dismantled the mic stands. It just didn’t sound right and we couldn’t figure out why it had a “wind tunnel” sound. We finally figured out that we recorded the loop backwards. We decided against using the rain as intro.”
The original version of the song appeared on Will to Power’s self-titled debut album, released by Epic Records. A 12″ single was released to dance clubs in 1988,the DJs immediately began playing the cut and the remix became the first of two No. 1 songs for the band on the American dance chart. The song spent two weeks at No. 1 on this chart in August and September 1988. The song also peaked at No. 49 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in July 1988.
On Friday June 9 we celebrate Will to Power’s 30 year anniversary with a special mix I put together for my ” Classic Lunch Time Mix ” on Miami’s #1 radio station of the 70s 80s ,90s and today To LISTEN GO TO at 12 noon. Charlie Rodriguez of Miami Disco Feveruana calls Will to Power ” One of the most influential and ground breaking groups of the 80s ”


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