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” Wikka Rap”  Evasions

” Wikka Rap” Evasions

This track sounded so damn cool and funky when I first received it in 1981, I wanted to play it at the Club so bad, but every time I did, people would stop dancing because ” That guy kept talking through the whole record” well , most of it anyway. The track was a parody of a British TV show, performed by a Funk group from England. It sampled a total of 5 songs ( and this was 1981!!) ” Funkin For Jamaica” Tom Browne ” give Up The Funk” Parliment “Thighs High” Tom Browne ” Good Times” Chic and the “Theme from Shaft ” Issac Hayes. Most DJs of the time thought it was the coolest thing they had ever heard, some even using it at the end of the night, but it never became anything else than a “novelty” track , still it brings back great memories of the time every time I hear it .


April 28th, 2015

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