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Who is Ralfi Pagan?

Who is Ralfi Pagan?

I don’t know why I clicked on this video on You Tube, Maybe it was the name , for some reason it struck me odd as an artistic name .Ralfi Pagán born Rafael Pagán was a Bronx, New York-based Latin soul and salsa singer of Puerto Rican and Cuban parents who sang soul ballads in Spanish and English until he was murdered in Columbia. He released five albums during the 1970s and is best known for the duet with Sylvia Robinson entitled Soul Je T’aime and for his remake of Bread’s Make It With You .”Just One Of Your Kisses” is a classic sounding ballad utilizing the tradition instrumentation and arrangements that most Latin artists of the time used to fuse the American Soul Sound and their Latin musical roots.As the song comes to a close you can hear Pagan ” Soneando” or Ad-libbing in Spanish as was common in Salsa tracks.
Living in Los Angeles in 1976 he found popularity among the Mexican community and was known as a romantic Latin Balladeer. He became a regular on the thriving Disco and salsa dance scene in the area. It is rumored that a promoter arranged for his murder to avoid payment of money due from a performance.I’m really happy I just ” Discovered” Ralfi’s Music by mere chance, not only do we share our Cuban Heritage but also a love of the ” Slow Jam”
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