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Vicki Sue Robinson …..The Smooth Side

Vicki Sue Robinson …..The Smooth Side

It’s not fair to remember Vicki Sue Robinson (May 31, 1954 – April 27, 2000) for just one song ” Turn The Beat Around” of course she had several other Disco hits , but there was another side to this beautiful lady many of us never really got to know. Born in Harlem she was given her break by RCA producer Warren Schatz and released her Disco Anthem ” Turn The Beat Around” in 1976 . The song would earn Vicki a nomination for a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance .Amomg her many tracks there was a softer side to Vicki heard by the privileged few who bought her albums and listened to them in their entirety. These songs stand alone as a testament to a lady who could make a dancefloor sizzle but could also belt out a soulful R&B Ballad. Tracks like Freeway Song ,Hope your feelings are like mine ,Daylight.


January 27th, 2015

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