The ” Phases” of Disco

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Disco music experimented with multiple cultural styles, you can almost call them “phases’ Whatever they were they managed to appeal to many people that were able to enjoy the ” Disco-fied” sounds of their native country’s musical style.
Many styles emerged such as The Zoot Suit/Cab Calloway vibe of Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band whose sound and style reflected the period. The Tribal African Feel of Cerrone’s group Kongas, Wild Fantasy’s “Jungle Drums” and Black Brother’s ” Mongouse Ye” ,utilizing a combination of chants and heavy percussion. The Latin phase with Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack’s ” Salsation” and Santa Esmeralda’s ” Another Cha Cha” Mike Theodore’s ” The Bull” The Big Band phase with Tuxedo Junction’s Lp , there was an attempt at a ” Reggea” song ( although it sounded nothing like Reggea) Kalyan’s “Disco Reggae” which was Good track regardless and it also went through a ” Brazilian Phase with tracks like The Ritchie Family’s ” Brazil” , Love Unlimited Orchestra’s ” Brazilian Lullabye” Two Man Sound ” Disco Samba” Miquel Brown ” The Day they Got Disco in Brazil” Mokka’s obscure ” Disco Do Brazil ( 1979) and of course the very popular ” Brazuca” by the Simbora Orchestra. Disco music appealed across the board. It’s Global market penetration is the reason for it’s faithful and extensive fan base.