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Miami Bands of The 70s

“The Antiques”  Pioneers of the Open House Era

“The Antiques” Pioneers of the Open House Era

The Antiques” were the very first musical pop group made up of Cuban-American youths to
record a hit song in the U.S. In 1971, “Va Cayendo Una Lagrima” rose to the # 1 spot in the Latin
Music Charts, and remained there for seven (7) consecutive weeks throughout South Florida and
other parts of the country. Many never got the chance to see this group perform.Back in the Day when parents ruled with an iron fist going out dancing was not an easy task to accomplish. Most guys had no car, and young women could not step outside the door of the house unless accompanied by Abuelita y Mami.To many the Antiques were a group you heard of ,or because you went to school with them.

.Antique_SorceryManny_Salas-Manny Salas DJ Alex Gutierrez

Manny Salas Remembers
Although an Open House can pertain to other events, when fraternities at universities had parties open to the public it was referred to as an Open House vs. a private party. When it pertains to the dances where bands such as Antiques played, it is really a misnomer since these were all public dances never intended to be privateCubans that weren’t familiar with the English language started opening night clubs that were called Super Clubs in the 80’s,. They took it from the term Supper Club. They pronounced supper as super therefore the misspelling of the word. These places didn’t serve dinner. Again it is another misnomer.At some point, Cubans that had arrived recently to the US must have associated the fraternity parties with the dance hall promotions. It happened again when gangs were benevolently called fraternities. Remember that languages are dynamic and constantly evolving.Antique Formula was our first album in 1969. Some people aren’t aware we had an album prior to Sincerely Antique. Va Cayendo Una Lagrima was a huge hit from our first album.
Frank Batista later joined Coke and sang that song on our record.

Eddie Diaz and Nelson Correa ( Mantrap)

Eddie Diaz and Nelson Correa ( Mantrap)

In 1975 Peter Fernandez replaced Eddie Diaz (Dias Como Hoy) as the new lead singer of the immensely popular Open House band, THE ANTIQUES. “The Antique Experience”, released in 1976, contained the hit single “Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado” the Spanish version to Esther Phillip’s disco sensation, “What a Difference A Day Makes”. Peter’s rendition quickly became a favorite among the “after the Open House” party crowd who frequented the popular clubs of the times like Widow McCoys, Menage & Honey for the Bears. “Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado” was revolutionary in that it pioneered the introduction of Spanish language to what was up to that moment an Anglo & Black dominated genre. Peter was a welcomed addition to The Antiques since he was already well known in the Miami music scene as the lead singer of COKE. Although Peter recorded and performed with The Antiques for 2 years, his 1974 recording of the album “COKE” was destined to become an ICONIC symbol of the era. There’s hardly a Cuban-American or Latino that was a teen or young adult in Miami during the 70’s that doesn’t still own his cherished copy of that record! Peter’s interpretation of the hit “Sabor a Mi” on the COKE album forever identified the voice of Peter Fernandez as the voice of COKE. The fact that COKE & THE ANTIQUES were often the winning Open House combination during the 70’s and that Peter recorded, performed and eventually sang both band’s material, for some created a little confusion in later years as to who recorded what. By 1977 when Disco music was dominating the music scene most Open House fans were under the spell of “disco-mania” and the deejays became the “stars” who spun the magic. Dancing and dressing up reached new levels of sophistication and stylized choreography. There was a place called “Pete & Lenny’s” where live music and deejays co-existed in perfect harmony and Peter Fernandez was there, singing tunes like “Disco Inferno” and “Heaven must be Missing an Angel” with the group ECSTASY. As one of the great disco bands of the day ECSTASY was practically the house band of this legendary Ft.Lauderdale club were Disco dancing was king and fierce dance competitions took place. That was also the year when Peter’s ex girlfriend Ana Bustamante and her partner Carlos won first
place prize for the Pete & Lenny’s dance contest:: a shiny new red Corvette! The popular syndicated TV show Disco77 which featured giants like Lou Rawls, was also filmed at that very location. ( PF)


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