Miami One: The Soundtrack of Miami .The Radio Station Everyone is Talking About !

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I first heard about it a few months ago during it’s development phase . Charlie Rodriguez and Funk E Frank Walsh had joined forces to bring back the true sound of our city. For many of us who came from other countries at a very young age , music was the bridge that would integrate us into this new culture. We listened to Rock, Soul, Disco when it began, Freestyle, it was a mixture just like us , dancing at the nightclubs to Celi Bee and Cerrone and listening to the Doobie Brothers and Kansas on the radio on the way there. It was our sound , our city , our unique style. As we became older these sounds began to play less and less on local stations and we began to rely on CDs at home and in the car.
Fast Forward to 2017 . After months of hard work and planning ” Miami One ” was launched .Dimas Martinez, a Former Power 96 and WKTU in New York City on air personality would assume the ” DJ” duties of the station broadcasting live in the morning. Dimas , Frank and Charlie were known as the 3 Amigos back in the hey day of Miami music. The station’s unique programming consists of Freestyle, Disco, even Ballads and just the right amount of contemporary sounds that will appeal to fans of the older music.
When Funk E Frank and Charlie Rodriguez ( who I’ve worked with in several Large scale events for the past 15 years) offered me ” The Lunch Time Mix at Noon” I was excited beyond words . An opportunity to bring this great music which I was already playing at Clubs such as Cafe Iguana on Saturday nights to a large audience that could tune in from anywhere in the world.
When mixing at a nightclub , it is the crowd that dictates my direction musically , but on radio as I had previously learned during my time at several local FM stations here in South Florida, you could not ” SEE” your audience , so you had to construct your sets according to the emotional impact of those songs that people connected with at the time of their release. Songs such as the Miami Disco anthem ” Gonna Get along without You Now” by Viola Wills released in 1979. The 12 Noon mix incorporates a variety of different dance genres from the 70s and 80s….. Freestyle , Disco, Italo and the electronic ” Wave” sound of artists such as New Order. Pet Shop Boys , Communards and many more. The ” Mix’ is done in a continous fashion as it was done at many clubs here in South Florida such as The limelight, Alcazaba, Club Nu, 1235 , Bermuda Bar, Club 609, many of whom i had the pleasure of being their DJ in years past.
The station can be heard by going to and Clicking on the PLAY button or To Take us ANYWHERE Download the APP for ANDROID OR APPLE Right to your Phone..Miami One is truly the SOUNDTRACK OF MIAMI….and someone finally got it right !!