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Manu Dibango ” Soul Makossa”

Manu Dibango ” Soul Makossa”

I was 12 years old when I heard Soul Makossa for the first time. I wasn’t quite sure what i was listening to. Growing up in a Spanish speaking household I was trying to translate the lyrics into my native tongue. Good for a few laughs at least .I thought he was speaking about his mother ( Ma -Ma -Koo Ma -Ma Sa) in one part of the song he even sounded like he was cursing at somebody else’s mother. I gave up, but the track was groovin,and funky . The sax called out to all the muscles in your body and you move in some strange ways. Man.did it sound good!!Every body Loved this track, it didn’t matter where you were from. Manu Dibango was a Cameroonian saxophonist and vibraphone player.In 1972, Atlantic Records licensed the original Manu Dibango version from French record label, Fiesta, and released it as a single (with the side-two track being “Lily”). He re-recorded it in 2011.It’s one of those tracks you just cut in to the middle of your set and watch people go wild!!imagesw430.68de7imgres

Here is a sample of the Lyrics:
Amona yeayea amona yeayea coma saou makosa
Tunga tunga umbo te tunga nesa makosa
Nikaso Mama ko mama sa maka makoosa
Mama ko mama sa maka makoosa Mama ko mama sa maka makoosa
Mama ko mama sa maka makoosa
Tunga tunga umbo te tunga nesa makosa now makoosa makoosa makoosa makoosa makoosa
Bathaso mosoon
Yonse yonse batha yonse makoosa

Wow , did I ever Butcher those Lyrics!!
“Makossa” means “I dance” in Duala, an African language, or The translation is basically “I will dance….. I will dance”, or equally “It has its origins in the Duala dance called kossa.


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