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Alex Gutierrez

“Love Is Life” Earth ,Wind & Fire

“Love Is Life” Earth ,Wind & Fire

In 1971 I had only been in this country for 7 years when by chance at a friend’s house his father introduced me to a ” new” group that would influence me both in my musical path as well as my life. That group was Earth , Wind and Fire . The first song I ever heard by them was ” Love Is Life”
” Just to lend a helpin’ hand
Like the love of you and I
All at once it came alive
You brought love
And your love is life”
Up to that point I had never really paid attention to ” The words” of any song, but the message was powerful,penetrating my 10 year old ears,creating a self awareness very few 10 year old boys experienced. Upon my many visits to this particular friend’s house I always asked the father to play the album while we played on the living room floor. Spending more time reading the credits on the album cover than playing with our Hot Wheel cars.
The Cuts from this record were more soulful than the EWF future generations would come to know. ” Moment of Truth ” one of the more funkier tracks on the album could make the Godfather of Soul himself bust a move. Like most of EWF’s Material the messages were strong and direct. My friend’s father passed a few years after high school and many years later after losing touch with them while playing at a local nightclub here in Miami a tall balding gentleman holding a plastic bag came over to my DJ Booth. It was my friend Arturo , he handed me the bag and inside was his father’s worn copy of EWF’s first album. I played “Love is Life’ to a crowd of perplexed patrons as we both held back our tears.

“This is the song of love
Let everyone sing along
Let everyone sing along
Give it all from the heart”

ewfDon’t wait, don’t wait ’til tomorrow


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