“Love Disco Style” Erotic Drum Band….is there any other style?

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Mixed by Tom Savarese ,clocking in at a brisk 134 BPM’s The Erotic Drum Band’s magnificent dance Floor Sizzler ” Love Disco Style” (13:54) was and in many cases still represents the peak of the Night, the secret weapon a Disco DJ unleashes at that moment when the crowd goes into a frenzy , bodies twirl and spin. The moment a true ” Hustler’ awaits from the minute he/she arrives at the club. It defines the Disco experience from it’s smooth seductive opening to it’s full on percussion assault.Released in 1978 on Prism Records ( the label’s first release)”Love Disco Style” is a song written by Lou Pircio, Nicola Di Rado, Pat Marano and Sabatino Buccella. it remains one of Disco Music’s most recognizable ( and sexual)album covers . The Back cover listed the tracks with their respective beats per minute after each track ( not the norm) Although the title track was ” Plug Me to Death” it was Love Disco Style that was immediately embraced by the jocks who recognized it’s appeal to the “Hustling crowd” . The track continues to be a favorite as well as a classic of the era.