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Alex Gutierrez

Heatwave : The Mike Maurro Remixes

Heatwave : The Mike Maurro Remixes

I’m a fan of remixes…well executed ones, and when you tackle Disco and soul projects the last thing I want to hear is a total departure from the original’s essence and groove. As a DJ I have come to trust the ” Mike Maurro ” brand. He consistently delivers a fresh take in all his productions without ” butchering” the original. His latest Heatwave remixes are no exception . It’s obvious that Mike has a great deal of respect and admiration to the source material. My favorite of the 4 Heatwave tracks Mike has remixed is ” Boogie Nights ” with a nice 8:15 sec running time the track offers the listener and the DJ an nice ride through Heatwave’s biggest hit. Highlighting the dreamy harp in the intro and then settling comfortably in a delicious groove with the ” wah – wah” shining nicely through the track satisfies on all levels. Johnnie Wilder Jr.’s vocal are clear and crisp right up front where they belong. Overall the production is excellent and improves on on the original ( check out those dreamy pads during the ” break” ) Other highlights include ” The Groove Line’s” Gospel inspired intro and ” Always and Forever’s ” Keyboard highlights you never knew were there. Overall I’m impressed with this production and include these versions in my daily mix show on Miami One Radio here in Miami. Listen at

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August 25th, 2017

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