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Alex Gutierrez

Happy Birthday John Luongo December 24, 1949

Happy Birthday John Luongo December 24, 1949

Back in the day when you picked up a Twelve inch with John’s name on it you knew you were in for a treat. He knew exactly what your dance floor needed without ever stepping inside your club. Jacksons, Dan Hartman , K.C., Melba Moore are only a few of the artists that recieved John’s Special Treatment. He was a DJ so he knew exactly what we needed. He is one of the most respected pioneers of the Disco Era.johnnLuongojl
He became one of the biggest names in disco mixes in the late 70’s and 1980’s, providing mix/remix work for CBS and many other labels. He also headed his own CBS imprint called Pavillion for several years in the 1980s, and did remix work in the UK.raesaethistime


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