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Happy Birthday…Emilio Estefan (March 4, 1953)

Happy Birthday…Emilio Estefan (March 4, 1953)

Born in Santiago,Cuba Emilio Estefan formed a band called the Miami Latin Boys in the 1970s, he later changed their name to the Miami Sound Machine whose 1985 hit ” Conga” was a huge international hit not to mention a staple of most wedding reception’s Hit List. He has produced The Latin Grammy’s, The Hispanic Heritage Awards, Nuestra Navidad,and others.
Luis Serrano who co-wrote ” Renacer” with Raul Murciano Remembers “I was there when it all started. In the Winter of 1972,I was introduced to Emilio by Rudy Ramirez ( a mutual friend )who worked with me at Jordan Marsh on Biscayne Blvd. and 15th St.( where the Omni Mall is today). Emilio worked for Bacardi Rum Co. at the time,and every Wednesday they opened the bar(on the 7th floor)for the employees to socialize,try new drinks,etc.Emilio would bring his accordion and play for the crowd.Since Rudy could play the drums and I played guitar,congas and was starting to play I bass I suggested to Emilio to start a trio.He had already jammed with Rudy so after giving it a little thought he embraced the idea and booked a gig for New year’s eve.I couldn’t participate due to a previous engagement but in January we were hired by Bacardi to play at the “Rod and Reel Club” of Hibiscus Island.During a break,a club member complimented us and asked me the name of the group…I didn;t want to say that it was our first gig together and that we didn’t have a name so I made one up; ” Emilio and his Latin Beat “. Great ! he said you guys play wonderful. A few monthes later we were hired to play at the Mia Marina Restaurant on Biscayne Blvd. and around 6th St. (where Bayside is now).It was a private party for Club 1800.It was us and Conjunto Crystal. Our group had growned to about 7 pieces. We got there early on Emilio’s van, to set up. The billboard read : Dance with the music of “Conjunto Crystal & “Los Miami Latin Boys “. We were outraged…Who are those Latin Boys ? They’ve sold us out ! ! Emilio went up to the office to investigate…and there,behind a desk was Mr. Johnny Marante (Owner of Johnny’s Buffet Service)Laughing his head off…No more Emilio and his Latin Beat ! You are now The Miami Latin Boys,in honor of the legendary Lecuona Cuban Boys !!! ”

Emilio Estefan


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