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Alex Gutierrez

” Got To Find A Disco” Love Exchange

” Got To Find A Disco” Love Exchange

Cathy Boggs, Faye Cross, Theresa Anderson better known as ” Love EXchange” released ” Got To Find a Disco” in 1978 on the Dance Disk Too a Label from New York. It was produced by an American disco producer, songwriter, and founder of the Red Greg Records label Greg Carmichael, who is also known for his collaborations with with Patrick Adams and Leroy Burgess during the 1970s and early 1980s.
The Track ” GOT TO FIND A DISCO” is as rare and obscure as a track can be. The recording was ” Muddy” and Lo-Fi , but if you were fortunate enough like me to find a nightclub with a killer sound system ( The Limelight In Hallandale, Florida) You experienced the dance floor power this track could generate . DJ Bob Lombardi of the Limelight at the time was the only one in the city to pick up on this gem, always slipping it in a the right moment of any given night creating a frenzy of bodies and lights on the stainless steel floor. At 130 BPM the track began with a ” Dry” sounding kick and Conga drum assault , followed by a rhythym guitar that told the hustlers this song meant business. The repetitive lyrics ” Going Downtown to Find a Disco and Get Down” was the icing on the cake , within minutes you were singing along. At 10 minutes ( and back then they played the whole song ) this was definitely a work out. I try to include this Funky track and my sets today when I’m playing for fans of Disco and it is well received. It’s one of the Era Lost Treasures . Give it a listen and you too will be singing ” Got To Find a Disco” by the end of the track !!
DJ Alex Gutierrez


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