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” Give Me ” – I- Level

” Give Me ” – I- Level

I discovered this track while in California in 1983 , where the Disco sound had all but faded and was replaced by this mellow funk with some shades of 70s Disco. Tracks such as ” So Fine” by Howard Johnson and Mtume’s ” Juicy Fruit” were laid back in feeling but still had that bounce necessary to keep a dancefloor full. California exposed me to another world of music, far from the high energy sounds of Miami. ” Give Me” by the British soul group I – Level was a staple in the predominantly black clubs of California. A prime time hit at only 114 BPM a ( a sin where I came from) but the crowds there “Vibed” ( felt the music) more than danced the music, it was a different scene. Where as the dancing experience in Miami was more of a collective group effort, Cali crowds did their own thing to the music as individuals. This track was very representative of the time and to this day ,whenever I hear it , I am in ” Vibe” mode.



May 5th, 2015

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