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Facebook Live Streaming DJ Tips

Facebook Live Streaming DJ Tips

Facebook Live Streaming could be the best or worst thing that ever happened to DJs all over the world.Many will make fools of themselves , some will take advantage of this powerful tool in your Promotional Arsenal. The application allows us to connect with our audience on a whole new level…Instantly and Live. While streaming online has been around for a while and most recently with apps such as Periscope and Meerkat .it has never been as easier to shoot or view on a platform as massive as Facebook. Starting a live stream is extremely simple, open up the status bar as if you’re going to make a new post. In the bottom right corner you’ll see an icon of a human figure. ( with waves coming from the head )It will then ask you to write a title description ( Optional ) you can go Live with No Title if you prefer , once you are ready tap ‘Go Live’. it counts down …3….2….1 and you are Live! The live stream will then appear on the news feeds of all your friends, who’ll be able to watch and comment and willbe able to subscribe to future live feeds
.As DJs our first impulse is to ” GO LIVE AND WATCH ME MIX” which is fine ( I am Guilty) but before you do, let me offer a few tips. Most people’s attention span is very very short,so be prepared to do some quick transitions between songs to keep your audience interested. DO NOT TALK OVER SONG VOCALS,it’s a NO NO on radio, same rules should apply. Pointing your camera at your gear or at you only will be hard to watch for an extended period of time, so compose your shot before hand as to get both you and your equipment in frame to show you are actually mixing. By the way, DON”T FAKE IT , DJs can tell. Keep your audience engaged by talking to them every few songs.Shout outs to those who took the time to watch are very appreciated and will spawn loyal followers. Don’t go for too long. The purpose should be self-promotion , do it long enough to show off your skills and promote your club or event.
IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU BEGIN : Forward your calls to avoid distractions and interruptions during your broadcast.

1. Let your friends know when you will be broadcasting ahead of time.
You can make a small flyer ( if you have that capability) or a regular post with time and date of your ” Event” this should be repeated a few times before you GO Live.
2.Choose an accurate and catchy description of what your viewers will be watching

DJ ” So & SO” in The Mix is not as descriptive as ” DJ ” SO & SO” Early House Music Set ,So choosing a good title can really attract those you want to be watching you
3. Camera Placement
Get yourself a cell phone tripod , never place your camera where the music’s vibrations will make it shake or fall. Make sure lighting is optimal. Camera lens clean?
4. Keep Your Language Clean and avoid lots of ” Uhs” Rehearse before you go Live if needed , have notes available. This maybe the first time people are hearing you speak ” You only get one chance for a first impression”
5. Make sure the area to be filmed is clean and picked up. If you are in your Bedroom ,don’t have clothes on your bed, or pets walking around . remember as a DJ what is shown other than you DJing may affect people’s perception of you.Try to minimize background and ambient noise.
6. Mixing You will be under the microscope , so the smallest Trainwreck will sound like a Disaster. Be Conscious of unnecessary “Button Touching”
7.Have a Good Time Get your personality across.

In my opinion this feature is one of the most exciting things to come along in a while for DJs who depend more and more on social media for gigs. It gives us a chance to connect with our audience ” Live” from any where in the world , showing them what we do best. ( hopefully)
DJ Alex Gutierrez


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