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Electronic Disco

Electronic Disco

I was always a ” Pretty Disco ” fan. I wanted my Disco music to be heavenly and uplifting,to speak of Love and Happiness so when I started hearing tracks released around 77 to 80 with a particular sound and futuristic imagery on the covers I was a bit resistant at first. When I first heard Kebekelektrik’s “War Dance” and Space’s ” Magic Fly” at a nightclub I was immediately transformed into a fan of this music which at the time was being bundled and marketed as ” Disco” The amplified sound of these records where Epic sounding at a large nightclubs. The dancers embraced it, the music lending itself to more theatrical expression through their dance moves. Of course Cerrone’s ” Supernature” with it’s futuristic message and repeating synths could also be classified as ” Electronic Disco” but he had already established himself as a full blown Disco artist with his last 2 albums and was not labeled as such.
Giorgio Moroder who is credited in most circles as the pioneer of Electronic Disco layed a thicker beat and increased the BPM but always maintained the important Disco elements that made his productions commercial successes ( whistles and sexy whispering lady in ” Get on The Funk Train”)
Canadian Gino Soccio’s ” Dancer” dominated the nightclubs when it was released in 1979 and crossed over into the soul charts as well and ushered in a new era of dance music with a more Italo/Euro sound.
Released in 1977 “Trans-Europe Express” by Kraftwerk, although groundbreaking for it’s use of new technology ( the Synthanorma Sequenzer, a customized 32-step 16-channel analogue sequencer made for the band by Matten & Wiechers) could by no means in my opinion be considered a Disco production and don’t remember hearing it at any of the local Disco’s of the time.



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