Earth Wind & Fire Does Salsa Michael Tate & 3D Rhythm Of Life “Fantasy”

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In my opinion one of the most challenging bands to attempt to cover is Earth Wind and Fire ,let alone a Salsa version. The EWF fan base is extremely loyal and would not tolerate a mediocre performance of such an iconic EWF track. Fantasy ( one of my personal favorites) from the album “ All N All “was written and composed by Maurice White, Verdine White, and Eddie Del Barrio, it received a Grammy Award nomination for Best R&B Song. So when I heard that it had been redone, I just had to take a listen for myself. Band leader Michael Tate, a two-time Latin Grammy Nominee, says the three D’s in the band’s name stand for Dynamic, Diverse, and Danceable (Michael Tate & 3D Rhythm Of Life) it’s interesting to note that the original founding members of the group are not Latin which in this particular case is probably a good thing since the desire to totally “ Latinize” is at a minimum. The result is a respectful and quality treatment of the material. The Tropical elements are all in place but the lyrics remain in English and we are treated to a Spanish guitar interlude in place of the traditional “ Soneo” or improvisational lyrics that are usually inserted towards the end of these types of tracks. The finished product captures the feel of Maurice’s vision and keeps the original mellow groove instead of escalating to a Tropical hurricane. All in All ( pun intended) it is a track worthy of a Salsa fan as well as an Earth Wind and Fire fan.