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Disco’s Irresistible Charm seduces  Lady Gaga – I Want Your Love

Disco’s Irresistible Charm seduces Lady Gaga – I Want Your Love

When I first saw the link for this video I cringed and said to myself ” Oh My ” No ,it was more like ” Oh Shit !!” and not in a good way, but about 20 seconds into the video I could hear that Nile himself had blessed it.The track ” I Want Your Love ” by Chic appeared on their 1978 album, C’est Chic ,rumored that it was originally intended for Sister Sledge. The video is simple yet exudes the Disco attitude of the 70s by some very very beautiful models dancing in a ” Soul Train” like line. What I liked and respected the most is that the models are swaying and moving to the music immersing themselves completely into the track . No Mockery, No pointing fingers up like john Travolta. They were there to pay homage to an era that influenced their profession. The attitude is authentic , it’s real . it’ DISCO. The track is updated slightly with some contemporary arrangements and sounds , the Rhythm guitar reminds you that Nile Rodgers is still very much a musical influence. The strings .although not as prominent as in the original make a brief appearance . It only becomes a GAGA song towards the end during some ad lib moments and an Acapella ending. I always enjoy when contemporary artists interpret Disco material with the RESPECT it Deserves. Get Your Disco Fix on Open House Radio .Click Here


November 20th, 2015

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