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Miami Bands of The 70s

Crate Diggin” ” Love’s Gonna Get You” -Jocelyn Brown

Crate Diggin” ” Love’s Gonna Get You” -Jocelyn Brown

DJs all had that one particular crate where all the goodies were neatly arranged in BPM order. It’s pink cover just called out to me for a listen. I remembered the name ,but couldn’t quite hear the track in my head. As soon as I put the needle on the record , it all came back to me . 1985!! The JellyBean Fun House Mix , even the A cappella. This was one of my most powerful early evening starters that would get the party going.
Jocelyn Brown’s soulful voice is well known among DJs of the time. Interesting fact: she was a guest vocalist with Patrick Adams’ studio band, Musique ( Push Push in the Bush).
One particular line in the song, “I’ve got the power!” became a popular phrase when it was sampled (without permission) by the dance group, Snap! on their hit, “The Power.” Bizarre Inc ( a house band from Stafford, England, that formed in 1989 ) later went on to use various phrases in the track, as well as Moby who sampled a portion of the song for his hit single “Go.
Great Find this week!!
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