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Alex Gutierrez

Cleaning Your DJ Gear

Cleaning Your DJ Gear

I hate fingerprints, I hated them on records and now I hate them on my Laptop,and my controller. in my opinion one of the most important things is the presentation of your gear. If you have been a resident at any nightclub you know first hand how equipment deteriorates quickly when it’s not properly cleaned and maintained. The club buys new stuff and within a few months ,cigarette residue, dust and oil accumulates on the gear. First things first , if there are more than one DJ have a meeting. Bring up the fact that the equipment must be taken care of , common sense. Drinks should be placed as far awy from the gear as possible, smoking , especially blowing the smoke on the gear is a big No No .Vapor and E cigs leave an oily residue which can be impossible to clean. Treat the equipment as if it was your own. Start the shift by wiping down the platters and in between the faders with a soft damp cloth ( old T shirts are great ) Keep a
feather duster or a Swiffer Duster handy as these things can really pick up the dust. Compressed air is a necessity for keeping your computer’s and mixers components dust free. Food around the equipment attracts ants . ants wander into the faders and everywhere else . The hot components ” Fry” the ants and cause things to go seriously wrong.
One of the best thing you can do for your gear, however, is if you constantly have it set up make sure air around it circulating by having a fan on somewhere close by.
Using Windex , alcohol or any store bought products could fade and dull the finish of the gear after prolonged use.

My recommendation is simple grab an old white T Shirt , cut it into large squares , fold that square over a few times and wrap it around your index finger . The material should be Damp ( Water only) but not wet. Then applying a small amount of pressure go around the faders and knobs with your cloth wrapped around your finger. As you clean have another dry piece of material that you will use to dry. You may want to use a ” lens blower” or compressed air prior to beginning to remove loose dust. Doing this once a week , I believe will extend the condition of the surface of your controller.


March 9th, 2017

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