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Carol Douglas ” Burnin'”

Carol Douglas ” Burnin'”

I had the pleasure of performing with one of my Disco idols about a year ago here in Miami. I saw her Live once in 1979 at sold out performance at one of the most popular clubs in South Florida at the time. Her stage presence and voice was the raw soulful  talent so hard to come by these days. During the sound check I had the chance to talk her about the Disco days , her touring, her work with such famed producers as MECO, Michael Zager and others.  Her passion for her music was inspirational ,her performance that evening was the highlight of the concert that included such heavy hitters as Tavares , Jimmy Bo Horne and Teri De Sario. But it was the track ” Burnin” ( which was released at the height of the disco craze in 1978.)   that to this day remains one of my favorite Carol Douglas tracks that we found common ground, admitting that this too was one of her favorites.  She continues to tour the country bringing a smile to Disco fans all over.






CarolDouglascarol- Doctor s Orders.



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