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Alex Gutierrez

Carlos Oliva’s ” Dos Navidades ” An Early Christmas Present

Carlos Oliva’s ” Dos Navidades ” An Early Christmas Present

I’ve been a DJ here in Miami for many years , I can tell you there has always been a shortage of seasonally fresh Tropical Latin Holiday music. We’ve had to pretty much play the same songs at our events for many years. Classics such as ” Aires de Navidad” Hector LaVoe/Willie Colon “and La Fiesta de Pilito” El Gran Combo have always been favorites, Gilberto Santa Rosa had a holiday album several years ago, but this genre lets call it ” Topical Holiday” Music has been in decline for a while . The truth is most artists are having a difficult time selling ” regular” music, Holiday music would further segment their audience. Lucky for us here in Miami we have Carlos Oliva y Los Sobrinos del Juez. We can always count on Carlos and the boys to deliver relevant and topical music with his unique ” Miami Sound”
” Dos Navidades” ( Two Christmas Holidays ) exalts the advantages of those of us who came from Spanish speaking countries accustomed to the ” Three kings ” as the bearer of our Christmas presents who in turn had to accept a jolly ,white bearded man in a red suit. It is a celebration not only of the holidays but of traditions that have morphed into one big party incorporating elements of both our native and adopted countries. The track is upbeat, the mood is happy and festive with the latin flavor and sound Los Sobrinos have given us for over 45 years. It is a welcome addition for DJs and Radio stations to add to their programming and a MUST HAVE song for your ” NOCHE BUENA” this Holiday season !!
Alex Gutierrez
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December 3rd, 2015

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