Carjul Records: Miami DJs Will Never Forget The Feeling

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If you were a DJ, even if you thought you carjul-391x239
were a DJ Carlos would treat you with equal respect. He was a quiet kind of guy except when talking about the one thing he loved … He was a walking
encylopedia on Disco. Every detail, every label. We spent many days quizzing each other on different artists of the Disco Era.
He didn’t laugh or smile much,he was dedicated to his business. Carlos would open records and CDs so you could listen to them, even
if you didn’t buy them.It was a treat for a DJ to be allowed to go in the back office ,where shelves after shelves of Classic LPs and 12 inches were stacked to the ceiling.Each one in mint condition. 14550_186316314556_605989556_2811731_4307766_n-355x239
There was a DJ booth in the middle of the store located on Coral Way & 31 ave across from what was then called the Miracle Center. When he got to know you,he would let you go up there and play the records you had selected,you knew that felt cool,even though you tried to look like it was no big deal. He had a couple of listening stations( With 1200s) where you could also listen. You could also get a haircut ,and enjoy one of Angel’s colorful stories while listening to all the great stuff Carlos or Lazaro would play over the sound system. I drove buy many times after hours and you could see the light in the back office ,where he kept his vast collection of vinyl . That was a sight !! Now his store on Coral Way is a bakery, I’ve never gone in there again, I can’t….there are no records,there is no Carlos. There is NO Music.
I was sad to see him go…………..Carlos

Carjul's List we all swore by it !!
Carjul’s List we all swore by it !!

Full of Great Music!
Full of Great Music!