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Beyond Freestyle….. Will to Power

Beyond Freestyle….. Will to Power

Will to Power’s music existed on the same plane as the music of the day…….Freestyle. Playing at the clubs and on radio side by side., but the music that Bob Rosenberg created transcended the freestyle formula and created a unique hybrid of musical styles.The track that made the jocks take notice was ” Dreamin” Written, Produced, Mixed and Performed by Bob Rosenberg. Background vocals were supplied by various singers. Bob remembers “Suzi Carr was one of several background singers including Ally Lorenzo of Expose “Point of No Return” as well as singers in my family,Rachel and April Newman ( cousins)… “.
Dreamin’ took South Florida by storm when Radio Station Power 96 began playing it and went on to become the #1 song for the year in 1987 and became the biggest local record in South Florida history.
Rosenberg wrote “Dreamin'” as a tribute to his sister,who had passed away. Originally released in Miami on the Thrust Records label, “Dreamin'” got the attention of Epic Records, who picked up the song for distribution to radio stations and dance clubs around the country. “Baby, I Love Your Way” The Peter Frampton/Lynyrd Skynyrd ” Mashup” ( before the term was even known) became the group’s biggest hit, spending a week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.It was local station’s Hot 105 ” Song of The Year ” in 1987 .Will to Power’s music has become representative of Miami’s homegrown musical talent. Their music instantly recalls where you were, who you were with and what you were doing.A-43744-1073236654.jpgR-1011014-1268011809.jpeg



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