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Miami’s Mantrap Releases their New Single

Miami’s Mantrap Releases their New Single
Dance /Funk
Release date
05 February 2015
Miami’s Mantrap Releases their New Single
05 February 2015 | Dance /Funk

The New Mantrap Production won’t be available for another week ,but if this is any indication of what is in store you will surely want to pre-order this. The energetic and very funky new single ” Fire” takes the Miami based Mantrap into whole new realm . The production takes advantage of their Funk roots evident in Nelson Correa’s funky bassline which provides the track with an authentic 70’s feel. The entire track feels vintage but is thrust into the 21st Century by the masterful work of Billboard Songwriter of the Year and producer of the 80s sensation ” Expose” Lewis Martinee. ” I wanted to give the song the best of both worlds ,the energy and vibe of yesterday ,while tweaking and updating the sounds for today’s market” says Martinee. ” It was a great opportunity to collaborate with one of Miami’s most established Live bands”
I was fortunate to be involved in the production and mix of the ” Extended” ( 5:53) version giving DJs such as myself the tools to incorporate this track into my sets. ” Fire” will definitely please a wide variety of music fans. The single includes a bonus track by Martinee titled ” Never Stop”

The Single is Now Available on ITunes and Amazon.
The Album is to be released on February 14,2015

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