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AT Midnight / I Will Survive Bootleg Disco Mixer

AT Midnight / I Will Survive Bootleg Disco Mixer

If you were a DJ back in the late 70s , you had this in your milk crate . It was one of your secret weapons that you would pull out at your peak hour when the floor was ” Jumping” ! If you were one of the first to have this other rival DJs would stare in amazement that you could be ” riding” these two tracks together for so long. This one sided 12 inch was one of the first ” Bootleg” DJ mixes to be available to young aspiring DJs , sure it went off beat here and there, but man it was cool!! It was a must have among ALL Djs. It also allowed ” I will Survive ” to be mixed in since the original track had no percussion intro. It was basically “Midnight drums loop mixed with Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” complete with out-tro. The plain yellow label credits Warren G ( Warren Gluck) as the creator of this track .Warren Gluck has been a DJ for over 39 years, starting out on Long Island, in 1975. In 1979 he started his residency with The Monster, first on Fire Island, then Key West and finally at the Monster NYC.
Warren Gluck remembers ” Back in 1979, when Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” was released, I used to overlay the intro on other songs, with varying success. I then hit upon the idea of playing it with “At Midnight” by T-Connection. I would mix back to the intro with the drums and then layer in “I Will Survive”, and then keep the drums under as an extra percussion line. I would then use 2 copies of “Survive”, so I could echo Gloria’s vocals. After a while I decided to give a remix a try, to make it sound more seamless.

So I took 2 copies of “At Midnight” and recorded the intro mixed back and forth on a reel to reel for however long I needed. Then I used 2 copies of “I Will Survive” and played them over the tape to achieve the echos in the mix. This was all done in the basement of my house on Long Island.

I took the finished reel to reel to Sunshine Sound to have an acetate made. While my mix was playing there a whole waiting room full of DJ’s got so excited and wanted a copy for themselves. So I was payed $50.00 for Sunshine Sound to be able to sell acetates, which were all MONO in those days.

I left for Key West, Florida to play at the Monster for 2 weeks. When I got home, I was at the Billboard Disco Forum in NYC. While at the exhibits, I heard a familiar riff, and realized that it was MY mix! I rushed into the room, and saw the acetate playing. Someone had bootlegged my work and pressed 12″ singles, all in mono of course.
To this day, I have the only stereo version in the world!

DJ Warren Gluck

DJ Warren Gluck


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