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Alex Newell The New Voice of Disco?

Alex Newell The New Voice of Disco?

Alex Eugene Newell is an American actor and singer. He is best known for his role as transgender student Wade “Unique” Adams on the television musical comedy-drama Glee ( He played the show’s first trans-identifying character, Unique) . I have never seen one single episode of Glee. I came to know Alex’s work by his music. His debut single, a cover of Sigma’s “Nobody to Love, Blonde’s new single “All Cried Out”, The Knocks “Collect My Love”, and the disco-house version of Robin S.’s “Show Me Love”, with Russian DJ Matvey Emerson. “Cool” I thought, I have to find out more about this “lady” Well, I found out “she” was a guy and then it hit me, BANG!! The new Sylvester? Looking at the pictures solidified my opinion .In a recent interview Alex cites influences such as Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Chaka Khan and believe me she can stand toe to toe with any of these great ladies. He is making an appearance on several of today’s ” Nu Disco” tracks. Alex’s style is soulful and melodic with the ability to lift the track on to another plane, as if saying ” I know you may not like the music, but listen to this” The voice draws you in. He may not be a falsetto like Sylvester ,but to us veterans of Disco he will do just fine.


May 5th, 2015

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