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alexgposter2Almost 40 + years later we are still turning up the volume when a track like Alec R. Costandino’s Romeo and Juliette comes on the car stereo on one of our homemade CDs. Is this what they mean by ” The Test of Time”? If so Disco Music has been passing this” test” since it was declared ” Dead” .Today the DJ game has changed dramatically with changes in technology the switch from vinyl records to MP3 files that reside not on a shelf in our garage but on our laptop. Invisible and weightless( the characteristic most welcomed) these files ,numbering in the thousands can be carried anywhere and retrieved at a moments notice.Celebrate the Music that started the party……Disco . The DJs that set the standards in the early 7os and 80s are still at it. Some on the road most at home with their collection of records but most of all memories. The Miami Disco Project plans to unite in one place those pioneers of our great city that were instrumental in giving rise to today’s ” Celebrity DJs” in a city that refused to let DISCO die but instead nurtured it and kept it Alive. Give us a LIKE ON FACEBOOK CLICK HERE

It took a lot of sacrifice to buy your son 2 Belt Driven BSR McDonald Turntables, a small 2 Channel Microphone Mixer and a guitar amp in 1974, 10 years after arriving from Cuba. But somehow the family came together, recognizing a young boy’s love of all things music and got him just that. Armed with a small shoe box full of 45 rpms I headed out to play small family gatherings for $10 a night , in hopes of saving enough money to buy a real mixer where I could actually ” Cue” the next record. Around 1976 I bought the Meteor 2 Channel Clubman Mixer and a pair of Technics. By this time I was sneaking into any Nightclub that wouldn’t card me, paper and pen in pocket, sitting or standing close to the DJ Booth trying to listen to repetitive phrases in songs being played so I could go the next day and sing it to the guy behind the counter at the local record store. At the same time getting ” Schooled” in the art of mixing from some of the Best names in the Disco Business in Miami Clubs such as The Windward, The Playpen, Mr.Pips,The Copa , The Warehouse, and of course my temple, The Limelight. High school was over and for some crazy reason I joined the Navy ( Village People maybe?) In 1980 I found myself in San Diego and my first shot at a real club in Downtown. I had a lot more than a shoe box worth of music and all the stuff I was playing in Miami suddenly became a specialty here in California , the sound in San Diego was more a mix of ” Soul/R&B ” with a little Disco thrown in , it added a new dimension to my craft and my sound . The Navy would also introduce me to Dance Rock and other genres not played at the ” Discotheques” I would frequent in South Florida. I continued working at Clubs in Cities all over the United States where I was stationed , learning something new at each stop. When arrived back in Miami I immediately began looking for Club work , finally landing 3 Jobs at once at The Airport Hilton’s ” Club Mystique” , Gabrielle’s” at the Airport and the Hyatt’s ” Alcazaba” which would become my longest residency 20+ years . Along with a few other local jocks we started applying the ” Beat Mixing” style to Latin Music and opened up a few new doors as Radio Mix Show DJs on stations such as Zol 95,Salsa 98, La Kalle . I was also fortunate enough to work along side of Susy Lehman on the popular drive time Disco Mix Show on Clasica 92.3 FM ” Disco Fiesta” Production and Remix for such artists as Willy Chirino, Tito Nieves, La India and others kept me on the cutting edge of the rapidly advancing technology revolution taking place within the Music industry. The Clubs allowed me to continue my Passion for 70s music which was always popular here in Miami and navigated through Freestyle,House, techno and other styles as the years went by.

DJ Alex G Pre Fame Marc Anthony and Raymond Hernadez " The Cheif"

DJ Alex G Pre Fame Marc Anthony and Raymond Hernadez ” The Cheif”

Today I am still active in the nightclub scene. Keeping the Music of the 70s and 80s alive through Radio shows ( Open House Radio) and DJing large scale Disco Concerts on Miami Disco Fever’s team. Remixing tracks for local artists such as Mantrap , Lucy Grau and others. My Blog ” The Miami Disco Project” supports and educates fans of Disco and Latin music on a world wide scale with articles pertaining to all things Disco and the music we love so much. My Creation THE SOUTH FLORIDA DJ ASSOCIATION unifies the DJ Community through personal interaction and Networking. Promoting Unity in the DJ Community. Music has and always will be a part of my life.
DJ Alex Gutierrez
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