Beyond Freestyle….. Will to Power

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Will to Power’s music existed on the same plane as the music of the day…….Freestyle. Playing at the clubs and on radio side by side., but the music that Bob Rosenberg created transcended the freestyle formula and created a unique hybrid of musical styles.The track that made the jocks take notice was ” Dreamin” Written, […]

Homegrown Talent …….Paris by Air

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Signed by Lewis Martinee to Pantera and then to Sony Records, their style was very European despite their Miami roots. ” I was given a Demo by the band and immediately liked their sound and signed them” recalls Martinee ” Their single “Voices in Your Head” catapulted the act to national stardom followed by ” […]


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Instrumental and semi-instrumental Disco were popular sub genres in some areas ( Kebekelektrik,Space,Biddu Orchestra ). My first contact with the track ” Hijack” was with Herbie Mann’s 1974 hit. Although not completely instrumental ( it repeated the phrase” Oh Oh Oh Oh Hijack Hijack, I’m gonna steal Your Love” voiced by Cissy Houston) close enough. […]